Welcome to the Cookie Cafe at the End of the Universe

Stardate - 11303.23

To Boldly Go Where No Pawpawty Anipal Has Gone Before

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An Introduction to our Staff

@BorisKitty Proprietor and SpaceCat extraordinaire
@GeorgetheDuck Head Barktender and Chief Jedi Master of SciFiPawty

@flacatlady Head DJ and the first person you'll meet on the other side of the StarGate
@OllyTed Proprietor of #Caykclub and if Sherlock Holmes ever met Mad Max, Olly would be there
@flicka47 Cookie Cafe Chief Cook and Bottle Washer and definitely Lost in Space!
On to our Out of this World noms!
Some little Asteroid Nibbles

After the Attack of the 50 foot Woman, the Venutians decided that cooking was more their style. This little custard is flavored with a vanilla-like flavoid, and gently steamed in Venus Fly-trap leaves.

Zackrabbit found these interesting little pods growing in his garden the other day, they appeared almost like magic. But now he's claiming that Rufus is not who he says he is.

A winner in the Galaxy Quest cook-off these little UFOs are stuffed with Neptunian Tuna and Martian potatoes. Baked in an Omega13 oven, they are ready 13 seconds before you ordered them.

From the planet Orion we bring you the Navaar, an oatlike grain cookie tasting of chocolate, and naturally acting like super nip.
In  honor of the Festival of the Hoods, the Ewoks often serve this little treat flavored with Mattberry juice and nuts from their favorite trees.

The I Have Almost Achieved Perfection; Tangerine, Pasta, Bacon!, Melon, and Morel Salad from the Island of Dr Moreau

Do not try to bend the spoon ~ that is impossible.
Instead only try to realize the truth! There is no spoon.

Some Main Drives

A favorite of the Wampas on Hoth, This little sandwich travels well. Made with Bergruutfa and Bacon! Take along a couple for your star travels!

A special favorite on the Hogwart's Express, Pumpkin Pasties. Served with a special Butterbeer and Bacon! sauce.

For all you travelers at the end of the Universe, we present you with Lembas Waybread from the Elves of Mithgard. Especially flavored with Honey and Nip for our Twitterverse pawtiers!

A favorite of the settlers on Tatooine, this lentil like vegetable soup is served with a side of Womp Rat Bacon!

Especially for our Space Cat visitors,a delectable platter of Tuna, Gizka, Salmon, and Firaxan Shark. Served with a Bacon! and Nip dipping sauce.

A very nutrious dish favored by Wampa Pelt hunters, made with imported Gornt, green litchens and mushrooms from ice caves on Hoth.

Spiced crustaceans from Arrakis, served with extra Bacon! and spice dip.

How about some Battlestar Galacticslaw served with some Spicy X-Wings! So hot, they're out of this Universe!

Or a bowl of our special Colonel Sandurz Chicken Spaghetti and Spaceballs? Made with our own Druish Princess Spaghetti Noodles!

The Six Foot Turkey and Bacon! Jurassic Sub. Almost makes you wish you had milliniums to eat it!
The Lord of the Onion Rings! The perfect accompliment to any of our dishes. Just remember, my precious, that no one will be willing to share!

Scotch Eggs Strider, fit for a Once and Future King

Wrapped in Dryland Bacon!, these tasty Scallops might be the Mariner's favorite dish! Served with Lemon and Nip Paella they're sure to be a favorite with the cats!
Brought to you direct from the Terrigen Mists, these Gorgonzola, Bacon! and Walnut Wontons come in a Fantastic Four pack!
Dr. Ian Malcolm's favorite Cretaceous Cioppino, made with special shellfish from Isla Nublar
. The Rubik's Cube Sandwich. Made with a tasty variety of Ham Salami and Cheeses. Pick your favorites!

Please enjoy as many Treats as you would like at
 The Cookie Cafe at the End of the Universe,
 and please if you can Tip your Barktenders at the link at the top of the page for One By One Cat Rescue 

Some most delectable afterburners

The Sir Oliver Lindenbrook Volcano cupcake, we guarantee it is not 400 years old, nor will you have to journey to the Center of the Earth to find one. Comes in very tasty Pineapple, Starfruit, and Cranberry versions!

On every table at the CCATEOTU you will find a bottomless bowl of Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans. Please feel free to pick out your favorites! However, give any you spit out to the House-Elfs, rather than returning them to the bowl!

Is the Cake a Lie? Well, not here at the End of the Universe it isn't. But you'd better find the right Portal to get here!

The Wookiee Cookiee! Just remember, that while they are lovable, they hate to lose! So leave that last Cookiee for them!

This little cake might just be your passport out of the Jundland Waste on Tatooine! But it has a mind of it's own, so take care!

Legos! What can't they do? From Apollo Capsules to Wedding Cake Skyscrapers! These little cupcakes are just the thing for SciFi pawtiers. Get a dozen to share with friends.

Based on Dr Horrible's Secret Recipe, our Freeze Ray Frozen Yoghurt will make you wish time had stopped!
The Bacon! version of Dr Horrible's Recipe is made with extra wonderflonium. So be careful when entering hyperspace that you do not bounce or jiggle this wonderful taste treat!
The Three Laws of Cookies

      1. Cookies shall always be tasty and fresh, never lasting long enough for an anipal to come to harm

    2. Cookies must always obey the chef and come out perfectly everytime so as to never violate the
 First Law

    3. A Cookie must not protect it's existence as to violate the First or Second Laws, as anipals are always hungry for Cookies!

As the Last Starfighter knows, the "Death Blossom" is not only a secret weapon, but a very tasty cookie from Rylos!
Ten-Zero-Eleven-Zero-Zero by Zero-two, the do you know Who you are cake.                    
Pumpkin Bacon! Pie from Beyond the Stars! The only reason The Cowboy fought on the side of the Akiri!

Klingon sentence a.GIF

Crazy Eddie's favorite Raspberry and Lemon Mote in God's Eye Cheesecake
Vulcan Fortune Cookies in Bacon! and Nip flavors

Cookie I Be, and tasty, you'll see

Hey! It looks like the Little Bear is lost!! Bet he's looking for the bar!
Thank you Marshall for always being there to help with Cookie Cafe, even when I called you a Little Dinghy!

(Translate this, I'll buy you a Bacon! Beer!!)

You don't have to belong to the Clan of Ursus Major to enjoy these Maple Bacon! Muffins. But I bet this will be a favorite of OllyTed 

Our out of this Universe Drinks

Our Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. No one will be served more than two unless they can prove they are an uchturan mega elephant !
Oh, ButterBeer! Especially for our younger Space Cadets, but tasty enough for you old Sorcerer's Stone Searchers too! Hits the spot after a rousing game of Quiddich.
The Ack Ack Ack-Ack-Ack Mars Attacks! Made with Martian Melon and Venutian Ales

One sip of this galaxy of stars will tell you why we named it the Guardian of Forever! A mix of the past with a taste of the future, you'll boldly go where no one has gone before!

How about some Hoth Chocolate? As served on the planet Kashyyyk for the Wookiee LifeDay Holiday. Especially good combined with a Wookiee Cookiee and available with Lando's Special Smuggled Brandy or plain.

The Invasion from Mars Bacon! Martini! You don't need a balloon-head to know these are tasty!
Did you have to ask? Of course we have Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for the youngsters!(and the oldsters too!)
 VeryR2D2 keeps showing up here at the CCATEOTU, this time he's full of Blossom Wine from the planet Naboo.
Very delicate and tasty!

And no matter what transporter you used to get to the End of the Universe, there will always be Hank's Bacon! Beer in a chilled Bacon! mug! 

Berries, we may be, but clever are we...
Wild Berries and our own End of the Universe Tequila

Thomas Covenant knows that The One Tree is a Juniper!
Our Catnip infused Niptini is sprinkled with Wild White Gold held temporarily in place by Bacon! Chocolate

The chameleon circuit. A different taste and shape for everyone! The dimensions of this drink grow with time, so don't be TARDIS!
 Our Cowboys and Aliens Barkarita! Made with just that special hint of Bacon!
The Lelo and Stitchtini. They're too young to drink, but they sure like Tuna, Apples and Peanut Butter!

This tasty cappuccino has plans to take over the world! Or at least Seymour of the universe! 

Balok himself would approve of this Tranya flavored  coffee, imported directly from the First Federation
Naturally, we have the best tasting coffee in the universe!

Our Wormhole Lattes are sure to take you where you want to go!

We would all like to thank you for joining us on our journey thru the Space/Time Continumium! And a big Thank You to all who donated pwises and time to help make this possible. If you can, please use the link at the top of the page to donate to
 One By One Cat Rescue,
our shelter charity for the #SciFiPawty.
Remember, Saving Animals One Paw At A Time!

Thanks for joining us,
@BorisKitty, @GeorgetheDuck, @flacatlady, @OllyTed, @flicka47, 

and all the wonderful Barktenders, DJs, and Quizmasters